Poem / Candid Descent

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He beKONS sirens of the descent
Who descend TO a picture of humans
The enemy of ethereal's MEss
An option of lost REactive index

YEt mortals yearn the way to understand
What teST we are capable of
In the WALKing lion's rage of a man
Who dared to love the version of the BEst
A visable woman to hold ANd caress

The fallen ANgel of heaven's sweet breath
Candid moments in primordial's CRest

By: Shannon

Thank you for reading my poem, I hope it touched your heart! If you like it, please comment, upvote, resteem and want to hear more poems you can follow me here :3 @Oceancoinz


Very Nice Poetry Sir.... I just Upvoted your post....

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Good poetry, I love it

Thank you! You have a most excellent day.

Nice poem :) , sorry mind my ignorance though - whats the meaning of the capitals?

Thank you! Oh, they are stressed and unstressed syllables, @lydon.sipe led me to this post.

So deep but i love it..

Love it,thanks miss poem queen for share this with us. :)

You're a genious!

Thank you for the kind comments @jwolf. :)

Sounds eerie and alluring altogether. You chose that picture well, haha.

Lol, thanks! I loved the picture too.

Thank you :)

You're welcome my friend
Upvote me please

Really good poem :0) deep
Thx for sharing

what a beautiful poem

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