To Edit or Not to Edit #poetry

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to edit or not to edit.jpg

Picture source: Pixabay

Editing is free

to edit
or not to edit
I want to scream
tear at the pages
drop adjectives as I please

why would I care
freewriting away
counting words
as if
there is a finish line

I bow my head
let’s edit
cut away sir
archaic prose notwithstanding

~ @nobyeni

With many thanks to the poetry lessons by @damianjayclay. Especially his latest, on avoiding cliches was very inspiring. If you are also interested in joining a group of writers who aim for quality & spend their time helping each other out, editing and commenting through a thorough peer-review system, come join @thewritersblock!


Here is an overview of more fiction/short stories and poetry by @nobyeni.

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And tagging @carmalain7 as he asked for it!

That's uncommon poetry. Good and unique. It's a edit, let's edit the writing and the life until you do not need to edit anymore :)