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With a burning desire, I once longed for wealth
With days and nights of endless pursuit
Stretching myself beyond human limits
Unknown to me I was losing true wealth.

A wealth which lies beyond money and things
And also stretches beyond power and fame
A wealth so great and priceless like the Sun
That not even money or fame can buy.

That wealth is my health and it now dwindles by the day
It is the greatest wealth in the land of the living
And not even my money or the powers that I possess
Can restore it to the state I so desire.

In the pursuit of wealth, I have abused my health
My greatest wealth in the land of the living
Now I am losing my wealth for the sake of my health
For nothing compares to health in this life.

@nicewoody69 writes


Hi there, lovely poem as always. You should consider using the creativecoin tag when publishing your poems or artwork.) :)

Thank you. I will definitely use the tags next time.

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