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It quickly comes to mind
It quickly blinds our senses
And like a ship caught-up in a storm
It takes over us in a flash.

Sometimes it makes’ things worse
Leaving us sober and pained
When the rage is over or appeased
And our senses back to normal.

Oftentimes in the heat of the rage
Bridges built are burnt and lost
Bringing ties once great to an end
While grave fear and uncertainty is born.

Sometimes we realise too late
That retaliation is not the way
But we are often all egos and pride
And then we fail to make amends.

Our world is in chaos today
Cos we are quick to vengeance than dialogue
Never giving peace a chance
For our unity and love to strive.

@nicewoody69 writes


True words. Those who see it, understand just how sad it really is.

Nice job.

Thank you so much @futuremind. I appreciate your presence.

Likewise nicewoody69 , thanks ;)

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