in #poetry4 years ago

The first time I saw you
There is fear in my heart
Fear for me step footing
My time is near you
There is a sense of upset my pulse
That bitterness made me
Afraid to talk to you

I'm afraid
I misunderstood the words
Karna to me you're like an angel
That comes down from the sky

And now a journey of love
We live together
But I'm still scared
I can not make you happy

O angels
Do you accept me
With all my shortcomings
If you accept me
Come to me
Point out proof that you love me
I'm waiting for you .... . angel .. me


dear steemer
another nice post of yours.
I upvote ypu :) and also follow you :) upvote me and follow me please :)

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Thank You! ⚜

i m not spam !!!!!😈

Yes you are, I flagged your posts.. Maybe you'll figure it out

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