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A Glance

Our eyes meet and
We are
Instantly imprisoned in eternity

As subtle smiles
Give way to
Tentative conversation,
We exchange more than a glance

With the touch of a hand, we make plans
For dinner
To be followed by dancing
And more dancing

As the sounds of each other's laughter
Resonate in our hearts
We no longer have a need for music

We pluck heartstrings so masterfully
That bodies cannot resist the urge to

Our fluid movements send me to one knee
Where I find your accepting hand

Standing up to carry you thru the threshold,
Your white dress under my rented shoes
We fall down laughing, musically

That sweet sound still serenading our souls
As we watch our children graduate
Soon we find ourselves

Witnessing their first encounter with that wonderful song
That has been playing in our ears

We, explain nursery rhymes to grandchildren on vacation
And hearts still dancing to laughter's canticle
Even though the body is no longer that mobile

Laying at the end of the day in our bed
Gazing into each other's eyes
We know now that the music will never stop,
Our eyes close

The second hand shifts
We look away
As we continue down our opposing paths
We are hearing an inaudible song
Desperately fading with each detaching step.

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Ah, this is a beautiful and perhaps too relevant to how I feel right now.

Thank you for sharing! Great story telling. It's not always easy to embed a plot line like this in poetry, but it can be what makes great poems stand out from all the other mundane stanzas.

Followed, would appreciate your feedback on any of my poetry to help me improve :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Sure. I'll check it out later when I have more time and voting power.

I love thing-2. What a great bot.

very nice line
thanks for sharing....

Thank you for your comment and upvote.

There's so much captured here in your words. I felt it and truly enjoyed the experience. Wow. :)

Thank you for your kind words. I'm honored by your review.

Your writing is very elegant and the opposite of whatever contrived is. It's like breathing fresh, calm air. I truly love it . thank you xx

Thank you. That's one of the best comments I've received.

Honestly, it is just lovely to find beautiful stuff :)

I enjoyed this man, thanks. A loving feel to the poem, I felt warmth.

Thanks, @ajpage. I'm glad you got something out of it.

nice words,greetings

Thank you for reading and commenting.

your welcome