Pirate Poetry Jam on Msp-Waves // This Sunday Night!

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Hello everyone! The Minnow Support Project will be hosting a poetry jam this Sunday night for all of the steemit poets out there that want to come together and share their work. If you are are a poet and would like to sign up to read your work on the air you can sign up here. Anyone that is just interested in listening and hearing some poetry from the community is also welcome. The rules are pretty minimal and we are trying to keep participation as open as possible. This is a great networking opportunity to meet other poets on the blockchain and find some future collaboration partners.


You can join us on Discord here. and the full guidelines are available on the signup post listed above. The date and time is 4:00 AM UTC 4/2/18 and the show will start after @aggroed's Minnow Mayor Town Hall weekly broadcast. We hope to see you guys there, so come out and join us for a fun night of spoken word poetry on the radio!


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Great initiative @minnowsupport!

Thata a very nice initiative. This will help the talented steemians to show their talent.Thanks for the post.

Lol so i gotta read at midnight?? Hmmm

Great, @minnowsupport! Thanks for the opportunity

Congratulations @minnowsupport!
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