Don’t Follow Leaders (Original Poem)

in poetry •  last year 

How hard it is to advocate a remedial true cure

Without attaching wrong bad faith conceitedly demure

In a brute association with one’s rich urbane aplomb

Of self-congratulation.

This difficulty pitched another way, in other terms,

Rejoices in one’s weakly vices, feeds the sexton’s worms

Abased before huge forces, quelled by insignificance,


So to become a leader, turn sectarian smart someone

Yet still all insufficient, pompous self-inflamed, humdrum

And worse; to know this really, and to stare it in its face

So falsely unabashed

Astutely selling something like your upgrade mortal soul

A product of a brand, a chronic ribald rigmarole

Becoming as an actor starring saccharine commercials

In sad rehearsals

And so, what does remain, when after marketing oneself

Withdrawal from shelf remaindered, brazening turns to sorry pelf?

Only a single platform stands, to unsettle, and criticise

Telling no more lies

And so to cut incisions, probe the sickly body public,

According to the angle of one’s postulated rubric

Assisting some severe and sharp paliative surgery

Against life’s perjuries

And penuries of souls afflicted, totem-tied to shadows

Grasers among life’s anasthetic waste-overtaken meadows

Awaiting invitations,; opal ,open, opportune

Which sweetly importune

For after all there’s nothing precious worthy of a sale

Alone are free-gifts blest; are proper presents which regale

A punctured heart with careful salves; aleviating sure

Unpracticed knees

Health’s best-beloved Physician gave us thus his remedies

Of potency, which complement his canny diagnoses

Whose consultation manner thrives beyond apotheosis

Of competency

He would not sell your eternal jewel downstream for any pains

Whose modesty belies his seat in honour eternal reigns

As Servant overall

The guy who reads your nightmares like graffiti on a wall

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Best of luck for your art.Carry on your own way the big fish, You deserve it a big thumbs up @matthew.raymer


Thank you!