I'm in you

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I wear you in the soul, like a precious vessel,
Like a secluded treasure with seals,
I wear you in the body, in the heavy and white breasts,
How does her seed bear her seed.
I remember you, like a holy hymn,
An old song with eastern rays.
And my neck, invaluable brass,
The warm grip of your dear arm.
I take you secretly, like a dream,
In the high night sky I shut you down.
I wear you, the light dawn light,
How flowers wear their fragrance.
I wear you on my lips, like a full honeycomb.
A golden fig tree,
I wear you in arms, thin horbots,
Carefully laid cord, wired.
How does the flower bear the apricot,
I deeply wear you in my body and in my dream.


My friend, a kind reminder here.
#cn tag is stand for chinese.
However, no chinese was detected in this article.
Please use wisely for your tag,thank you.

Wow. Such interesting writing! For me the symbolism in the second half of the piece was quite striking. The flowers, honeycomb, fig tree, and apricot paint a vivid picture and create a sensual mood of beauty. Along with that thought, my favorite part were the last two lines, which were both simple yet left something to the imagination.

"How does the flower bear the apricot,
I deeply wear you in my body and in my dream."

It's hard to end poems on a powerful note & I think you achieved that well here.
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much.I wanted to have a beautiful finish. And I think I succeeded. I must have nice postings to be at the beginning of the road and maybe I can see it as many users.if you like you can follow me an resend .thank you again.

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