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in #poetry5 years ago (edited)

Piercing lines, like, I can really feel the pain behind those every words. Subarashii desu @xxsenpaixsamaxx. :)

And these lines too: T_T

"And hope to hear your keys
Turning in the door of my brain"

It's as if he's waiting for her with hopes up high, even if he's already aware that she might not be coming back. </3 Very well-written although it's a sad one. ^^ desu~


@littlerph I am so grateful for your constant support. I really enjoyed writing this poem, Main cause it was me a while ago and it sucked.

It's much better that you have shouted out those feelings through this poem tho, it's better that way than to keep it all in. :) I guess poems and the likes really does own a fragment of the author's emotions.

I believe a successful poem is a heartfelt one made and adapted from personal experiences

Yes. Indeed. :)

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