"The Populace Invisible" Original Poem by Lannie Brockstein

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I composed this iambic heptametrical poem in accentual-syllabic verse today [Friday, June 8th, 2018]. 

The Populace Invisible
by Lannie Brockstein.

The human body is perpetually pregnant with
   Trillions of microorganisms that hath coloniz’d
Its intestinal lair, and like the gravid woman's pith
   Heart eats not only for herself, but for her fertiliz'd
Womb as well, each man must not only eateth for his health,
But for the probiotics of his microbiome's wealth.

Disclaimer: "The Populace Invisible" is copyright © 2018 Lannie Brockstein. All Rights Reserved. If you would like for others to read my "The Populace Invisible" poem then instead of copying and pasting its full text you can share with them its Steemit-based URL, and I thank you in advance for doing so. If you would like to quote any of its lines then you can do so by including mention of my name because I am its author, as well as by including mention of its Steemit-based URL, and I thank you in advance for doing so. 

The following link doth leadeth to my “An Unambiguous Tutorial on How to Write Metrical Poetry”: https://steemit.com/poetry/@lanniebrockstein/trembling-streams-original-poem-and-song-with-video-by-lannie-brockstein-an-unambiguous-tutorial-on-how-to-write-metrical-poetry

To ye brave poetic souls whom hath read this far and that enjoyed doing so, I ask that you Resteem the word with me: Accentual-syllabic verse lives! 

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You have a very clever poetic mind, Lannie. Bravo:)