in poetry •  3 months ago

Under the Moonlight
Walking a Road
Living the Farm Life
Hoping for Gold

Life can be Simple
Hard Work and Grind
Back to the Rythm
Aiming to Shine

Busy and Able
Willing to Try
Aligned for Success
All in Due Time


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Sometimes the simple life is the best life! That looks like a perfect place for a bonfire and some beer.

YES 🌹 So true. This poem is wonderful. Thanks Klye 🎶❤🐌

Simple words, with a positive outlook and a focus that will definitely take you where you want to go @klye. And the magic of that happens because you have embraced the beauty of your "now"...

I love it when I see people that truly understand that recipe.

Hope you are well otherwise too.

Moon is pretty looking on the blue sky. I also like moon photography. Thanks for sharing moon photography. Take care, I hope you have a good day.