in poetry •  last year 

My mind is a weapon,
Every step i take are my ammunitions,
Those who try to undermine me,
Beware of booby traps.
I have sailed through the waves of troubles,
The oceans can bear witness to the stress,
The fishes were sisters to my distress.
I may have no iota of righteousness,
Yet I have not live my life careless.

To all who I have been a sand in their life,
Am sorry.
but I would rather carry your fragants and travel with your memories,
Than lose my sense of smell, choking on your flaws and drowning you with my mistakes.

I am a sailor, since I lost the tide to the west wind,
My heart has so many regrets to move westward,
So I travel east, away from the tide and on towards my biggest fear,SUCCESS

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