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In the beginning,
She was whole,
Love came like a wind from the east,
Blond was the sailor's smile,
Harmless chills he sent down her spin,
Even the Ocarina was swayed,
The wind of ecstasy wiped away her fears,
Then her doubts.
As it went on,
She was sailed away from loneliness,
Till the ambuscade of betrayal.
With a bitter soul,
She would denigrate love forever.
"ALL MEN ARE THE SAME " she 💭 thought!

Her heart is not broken
It just bleeds,
Few days ago her emotions were in amble,
Now they dwell in shambles.
"ALL MEN ARE THE SAME " she thought again!
Depression will be a lifeline to a dying horizon of hurt,
The hinges of her heart rusts with time,
She goes on a ride to the highway of vices.
When sincerity comes her way,
Would she open her heart again?
........ Why not stop and examine from within why you keep falling for the same kind of men!?

The pain of a broken heart is too deep a sore to reopen,
It'd grow from a sore to a scar, from a scar to her past,
"All men are the same" will be her new school of thought,
All new suitors would attend this school and pass her test,
To gain her trust.

But actually, the Chinese who
sourcecreated the phrase "ALL MEN ARE THE SAME ", really did a good job, what's her name again?


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