The bridge of love ; original poetry

in poetry •  18 days ago

Hello steemian's Today I will share a poem among you. I hope all of you like it.




It was an overwhelming night on that bridge
I arrived an hour early to surprise you
while admiring the beautiful landscape
that the city offered me

I watched everything from that bridge
to the river that passed
only the gondolas were missing
to spend a romantic night

And you arrived with that look of astonishment
my heart began to throb
with a lot of emotion when I saw you
It was a special night for me

We went for a walk in the city
contemplate that beautiful night
full of passion and love
talking about our experiences

Your so shy full of surprises
taking me to eat in the best place
where you stole that passionate kiss
that causes me butterflies in my stomach

I was scared and surprised
That night was very romantic
when we returned to the bridge
where did you declare your love

I felt like in the clouds
I can not forget this sweet night
we passed on the city bridge
with such a special romance

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