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There is a man hurt in Ethiopia,
Really far from Samaria.
People walk by ignoring ,
The women all despise him
Taking him for a criminal, cursing and jeering
With children mocking and laughing.
For on him no decent clothing
All rags that account to nothing
He prefers death caught up with him in Ethiopia .
But when death sneaks up on him
Following his calls to be set free
He leaves and lets him suffer.
He is far from Samaria

There is a slave in ancient Mongolia
Again away from Samaria
Dying from acute malaria
Not sure of a decent burial
Uncertain how much he can take
Hanging on to life but would decline revival
Overlooking a casket made of copper,
On his feet, his prized shoes of rubber
Death would sneak up on him like a robber
He passes and lets him suffer
He is far from samaria.

There is a man wounded in Samaria
This time helped by the first man in the area
Given help , clothing and shelter
Fed with bread , tea and butter
But when death comes knocking at him
He is taken admist celebrations
This time he is indeed in Samaria.
..........kazer 2018
Tm-Narcissus...Tm-beast... Tm-god.

Image source pixabay

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Thanks so very much @poetsunited. I really appreciate. Real good to know that people love what you do ... it keeps one going. Jah bless , keep it skiainking (am in the wind)

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This is such a wonderful poem and I love it so much! Such emotion and description, such a narrative!! Love it to bits. Thank you <3


Thanks so very much @vuds its so great to see some REAL people who appreciate some workings .... its real nice . Jah bless keep it skianking