Sonnet Number Only (first original sonnet on Steemit?)

in poetry •  2 years ago

I noticed first her eyes -- their depth, their shine

That I had never thought could be in one

For me to love and know.  And she was mine.

You surely do remember how the sun

Against her hair so dark, could play and wind

Up forming patterns such as those upon

Our lake -- the hidden place where, hands entwined, 

The two of us would walk until the dawn.

She is gone now.  And when she left a dove

Was loosed from me.  I saw it fly away

And not look back, and I heard song - song of 

Her voice.  The dove flew on into the gray.

          My heart, now dark and full of loneliness

          Remembers love and life in happiness

Edit: I put this (and, by extension, myself) out there this morning. I didn't expect much but was hoping for some feedback. So, if anyone is reading this and has any input -- positive or negative -- I would appreciate it!
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ok maybe poetry was not a good idea

I have little understanding on the mechanics of poetry so I can't comment on the form, but the sentiment touched me. Perhaps that is the intent of poetry, so mission accomplished and thanks for putting this out there!


Thanks for the great comment/compliment! How in the world did you find this after 2 weeks?


You're welcome! I think I saw a comment you left on a post I read today, and decided to check your blog. I read, enjoyed and up voted several posts. Best wishes to you!


Thanks again, and consider yourself followed!