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Do we all wish for love?

It's been a long time since I have visited one of my favorite poetry sites and I am very happy to have regained the desire to read poetry once again.

Poets have such a way with words that captivate and charm the reader, instantly giving way to emotions you can relate to one way or another.

This is my first time reading a poem from this writer but in reading it I was extremely intrigued. It's quite simple but undeniably raw.

You can tell this writer has endured much pain in her quest to find love yet she has not given up hope. Love is universal and comes in many different forms.

I can only hope cupid makes the right connection for this sweet soul.

Enjoy the read my friends.

A hopeless romantic..
with pieces of a heart.
I’m licking wounds
from past affairs..
Still I want a new start.
My fight for love
in this cold world,
has been a heart-breaking tale.
So many attempts
so little success.
Still pushing to love,
with a heart so frail.
I wonder
if my love is even love anymore.
It’s been twisted and misused
for selfish reasons
and more.
I wonder if it’s still as potent,
Or if it’s watered down.
I’ve given to the most undeserving..
Mostly by the pound.
I haven’t given up.
Love you haven’t seen the last of me.
The next time u come,
I won’t accept defeat.
I wont let you leave.
I won’t walk away.
You’ll see what you missed at first
and beg me to stay.
I won’t be resentful
or let pride get in the way.
For I’ve prayed that my love
will love me back someday.

Written by LovelySoul89


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A very simple word and yet its meaning still is undefined. Many would say that love is like this, love is like that but nobody truly know the meaning of it. Could it be because love has no meaning or maybe its just to broad and too deep to understand?

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