STONE COLD DREAMS (An Original Poetry)

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Some dreams are gutted to the gutters
guttural moans and bilateral incision
to druken dreams, dreamt in euphoria
a nirvana of confused inebriation
Where gorillas are tweeting
and the forest ducks are gibbering
like a beautiful state of misery
grief and sweetening sorrow
like tomorrow's future baked in the oven.

Some dreams are webbed in spider webs
forsaken and forlorn
burnt on a stake and mourned
forgotten like yesterday's dinner
dashed on the rocks of hopelessness
and smouldered over the flame of doubt
drowned by the angry tide
washed away into oblivion
obliterated from the heart.

Some dreams are marooned
shipwrecked like a million plstoons
ragged and haggard like a stranded custard
On an island of dejection
where the soul is cumbered by isolation
rusty and dusty thoughts
ghouls and monsters,
creeping into the mind
jojoba and chrysanthemum littered
on the doorstep of suicide.

Some dreams are mundane
lacking fragrance of joy
like a fountain without avalanche
skies with boring clouds and hovering crows
a bight of blisters and clusters
lacking floral flusters
a benign anchor to the aesthetics
filled with emptiness


kudzu_rising_by_mcallisterbryant-d2y65pk 4.jpg

kudzu_rising_by_mcallisterbryant-d2y65pk 4.jpg

kudzu_rising_by_mcallisterbryant-d2y65pk 4.jpg

Written & edited

By @Josediccus


"Steemian Mantra"

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Fantastic poem Jose.

gutted to the gutters
guttural moans and bilateral incision
to druken dreams

I love your use of alliteration throughout :-)


Thank so much my friend, wow I love your feedback I'm a big user of alliterations in almost all my poems.
I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it as well

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Well writing bro @josediccu

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