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in poetry •  15 days ago 


My words…
Flashes of lightning
Dark geography within you;

If you want,
You can travel with me
Through my interior streets,

Learn the melancholy
Of storms
And how to send
Thunder messages
On the wind;

You won’t always need an umbrella …

I’ve written our history in our flesh—
And engraved your name past time’s decay
in a thousand sunny days,

So take a chance, my love,
Come away,
If not today,
Then tomorrow.

© 2019, John J Geddes. All rights reserved


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Thank you

Put me in mind of Abba... You know the song?

Thanks for the poetry, John. :D



Thanks, Creatr - no, I don't know the song - for some reason I absolutely hate Abba and their music - don't even like one song ...strange

Hmmm... interesting reaction!

I won't ask you to listen to it, but this is about the song that came to mind.