If Autumn is a Woman

in poetry •  5 months ago


If autumn is a woman
She’s a redhead
Much like you,

Dressed in earth tones
With red lipstick
And shiny red nails,

To the smallest detail.

If autumn is a woman
She’s misty and aloof
Careful with her words

Much like you.

Mysterious and silent
As a rainy afternoon,

Shy and compliant
Yet pervasive as perfume—

A watercolor memory,
A catchy tune
That lingers long after,

Exactly like you.

© 2018, John J Geddes. All rights reserved


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Hermosa personificación, @johnjgeddes! Normalmente tendemos a comparar las personas con la primavera, pero nunca había leído una comparación con el otoño. Y sí, si el otoño fuese una mujer sería así! con esos colores, con ese aire, con esos aromas!! Me imagino que algunas personas serán inviernos o veranos. personas que serán estaciones en tu vida!! Buenas noches para ti.


Gracias, Nancy ... Sí, una personificación inversa: algunas personas son estaciones y otros elementales como tormentas de lluvia, días soleados o tornados. Es lo que hace que la vida sea interesante :)

Beautiful, John.

Autumn Leaves is one of my favorite pieces of music...




BTW, welcome to the 70's in rep score. I just noticed. Congratulations - well deserved!


Thank you!

It was a long time coming... and it seems I despair of climbing any higher. :O


Ah c'mon, Creatr - you've been coasting all summer - life starts over in the fall when the weather gets crisp :)



Autumn and the disir go hand and hand. This is why I really enjoyed this poem. Thank you.

nice poem and well described Autumn season in a women.

Wow, that is just beautiful. I am inspired

Nice.. Like my post.. 😀😀😀


Thanks, but I don't do vote 4 vote - neither should you

nice poem and beautiful photo @johnjgeddes

such a inspiring blog! love it!

Autumn is a girl's name

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My own theory,
If autumn is a woman who then winter is a man. Wink