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Any man whose errors take a lifetime to correct is a fatal man
Oppenheimer (with apologies)

Past midnight and I’m writing

The wind outside
Shuddering against the street,

The gnashing and moaning
Don’t concern me

But I worry small animals
Stay safe asleep.

Something in us makes us shelter
Close to a fire on windy nights,

Dark memories of ancestral spirits
Rise again to trouble our sight.

I am so tormented, Love,
By images and fears and things that aren’t

That no bed sheet ghost could climb the stairs
And make me fear I’d be his haunt.

There’s something in me
Dark and deep

Bedevils my mood
And troubles my sleep,

And the goblins that make others creep
Flee from me even when asleep…

Something dark they see in me
Far more fatal than they can be.

© 2018, John J Geddes. All rights reserved


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Splendid. It reminds me that all of us have both darkness and light inside us and we have to fight to keep those shadows at bay. It doesn't have to be something implicitly bad, it could be our anxieties, our desires, or simply our imagination. It surely makes us feel like the worst of all sometimes.

yes, I like your interpretation, Hayleeng

It is so interesting to me that past midnight you're writing, forgive me if it is only your inner self, or you itself. Oh, these many selves of ours!. All I want to say is that I have those devilish moments of writing poems whatever time it may be and the most adorable thing is that ideas come to my mind in time and places I'd never expect!

Thank you, @johnjgeddes, so much for sharing this great piece of art! 🌷🌷

thank you for responding,@pyotan, in such a lyrical manner :)

I'm wondering if this was not written from the point of view of a being ,one of his names begins with an S ,ends with an ,n? (5 letters)Who else would all the evil characters be terrified of?

very insightful, @awgbibb - yes, a definite possibility :)

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I once told a Guy his Brother had come to visit him while he was out. " Oh, Really?"
" He was about 7 feet tall horns on his head , long pointed tail,Pitchfork in hand, Red in colour! Said something about requiring lessons in evil from You?"

As I had done this in front of an audience of his workmates, was not overly impressed with me!

You would be a challenging man to befriend, lol....amusing, but challenging :) Thankfully, we have a virtual friendship and I'm safe ( I'm easily embarrassed and a bit shy) except when I'm drunk, and happily that seldom happens for Deb's sake, ha ha

wow. The dark side came out. Very beautiful John. Do the ideas come to you in every day life like mine or do you think long and hard what to write

actually, they often come just the way the poem says, *past midnight and I'm writing'. The outdoor ones come on my walks. I have a good memory :)

thanks John

I love the photo in this piece.

Beautiful, subtle, and delicately haunting poem.

This dark room I'm sitting in now, in the Irish country-side, feels a little like your poem. Jen.

I'm near here, posted my first tonight, and can't wait to read more of your work.

thanks, @beyourown - appreciate the feedback

And the goblins that make others creep
Flee from me even when asleep…

You are a powerful man, John. :)

ha ha, not really...I pray :)

Interesting poem. Really appreciate your choice of words. Not ambiguous to comprehend. Thanks for sharing

thank you, @delaw

never a let down with your posts. very strong 'Something dark they see in me; Far more fatal than they can be."

This is giving me goosebumps! Its like something or someone is looking at you!👻
Thanks for sharing this @johnjgeddes! 😊

thanks , Leah

thanks. have a nice day

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thank you, your post

Powerful images your words have conjured up here! Great photo choice!

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Yeah. I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway.


ha ha, I sleep like a baby

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you can't come on someone's blog and spam, even if you make a general comment about their work

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you may think piggy backing on someone's post is okay if you read their post and make a comment but that's sheer laziness and effrontery on your part. What you're doing is selfish and ignorant and what's worse, you try to excuse it. Please stop this behavior

No you're just a prick.
Don't worry, I won't bother your page anymore.
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Sheesh. Crybaby af.

Duchess1. this is a positive site and admit it. you piggyu backed. just always be you and you will be better off. I promise