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Yellow, green and brown
The leaves come down.

The sun-dappled path
Seems darker now.

The west wind roars
In the upper boughs,

Chipmunks scurry—
Daylight is shorter now.

I turn at the creek
And head for home;

A rabbit scampers
At the warning of crows.

Soon the ground will be frosted
With early snow,

And tracks of a hare
Will cross my own.

But all other life
Will stay in their lairs,

And only woodsmen
Will know they’re there.

And you and I
Will sit by the fire

Nestled with our animals
From winter’s ire

Safe from the wind
Down the chimney stone

In the cozy warmth
Of a den of our own.

© 2018, John J Geddes. All rights reserved



What a beautiful poem, @johnjgeddes. It's not free all the description you do of the landscape. With it you make us see the climate, the colors, which predominate in the environment. Animals run to shelter! The man is also an animal that looks for where to shelter, to be, to survive of the winter. It is not fortuitous that one speaks of "house", of home, of couple. It is so that the true heat is not in any space, but in the house and with the people we love. Nice night for you.

Thanks, Nancy - It's interesting that the concept of shelter is one of the predominant themes in Canadian Literature :)

Interesting! In the poetry of my country there are also many writers with this theme

I love the ending on this one, John...

There's something about nestling with your love in front of the fire on a cold winter day that pushes all the right buttons in a man's heart...



so true...just noticed your response, @creatr - I'm remiss at checking replies after a day or so, forgetting that these posts are 'live' for up to 7 days. My bad :)

No worries!

I hope you're doing well, my friend. Greetings to your bride as well. :D

- @creatr

beautiful poem well wrote

best poem about change weather,, very beautiful poetry

Beautiful photo and nice poem

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