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In a piggy bank,

hoarded I pithy phrases —

which I dared not use —


Similes and rhymes

and onomatopoeia —

All saved with a click —


Not enough, said I,

and kept them til they rusted —

corroding copper —


And til the robber

stood, pointing the gun at me —

a stingy miser —

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A shout-out to all my writer friends - @jayna, @blueeyes8960, @wales, @quillfire, @manoldonchev and many others!

Just curious, do y'all sometimes feel this way too, that you have some nice phrases but you'd want to keep it for a story/poem in the future?

Much love,

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Of course I've been there but I try not to, anymore. I believe something Stephen King wrote. It was something like...

Don't try to save your best thought for last. Put it in the beginning and go from there.

Building something even better. The moment you share ideas, they start growing. Unless they don't. Natural selection, I guess.


Hey! Oh wow, that Stephen King quote is so true. I should remember the next time I feel tempted to hoard haha.

Yeah, and you never know what's truly good until you actually use it ((:

This is very good, better than I can do...


No @wales it is just a different style (:


You have no idea.

When writing a poem, I will often come up with a stanza or a couple of lines that, upon reflection, don't fit the poem. Not wanting to lose them, I copy-paste them into a file I call the "graveyard."

Despite many attempts, however, I rarely seem capable of recycling them. It always feels like I'm "forcing them in." And hence, I cut them again. I have dozens (if not hundreds) of brilliant stanzas in the graveyard that have remained zombies for more than a decade.



Hi Quill, on one hand that is such a pity. On another, it shows how much of a prolific writer you are... ((:

P.S. My graveyard is much smaller than yours.



Graveyards ... grow. :-)


Hehehe what a cute poetry. It is a good reminder that we should forget to spend what we collect, for either the robber will take it or the grim reaper.


@scrawly Yeapp that's right! (:

We have limited time (and words) - so we gotta make it count.

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thank you @msp-curation team! ((:

I do this by topic. Never use any of them, but I can not throw them out. I guess if they give me a charge, that's something to keep.

I love the image of your snippets rusting away, but still pretty, like corroding copper. Nice, very nice.