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Someday I'll lay in bed scrolling instagram
longer than I should.
Someday I'll eat breakfast with the slow
plodding pace of a retiree.
Someday I'll workout at noon with lazy
bike to fitness floor.
Someday I'll drink by 2 pm with my husband
while sunning on the patio.

But not when I'm 65, or 69, with retirement;
No, I want to reach financial strength
while my boobs are perky without a bra requirement
No I want my cash to exceed my drawing length.

Someday I'll earn enough money for
my dreams to all come true.
But till that day comes round or
real, I'll lean, require, and use, you.


This post is fresh air!!!
You say in the las part the truth of that typical comment i read often here:
"Vote me and i will vote you, follow me and i will follow"
Wich means... i dont have any interest in what you say or if you post a good texts or shit but i think here a can get some money so i'm going to impersonalize you (as a bot), so... you dont disturb me a lot and we will win both.
Theres another really good that say something like cryptocurrency always has been the dream of their lifes...
Conclusion: eyyy nothing bad if you want earn money but say it clear and you dont vote just for another vote, and i guess you dont earn money finally if you dont write good stuff so... you dont post quotes in a image...
I really enjoyed that post too

Awesome poem! It really resonated with me. I feel similarly. Glad I met you here.

In the last verse you write,

But till that day comes round or
real, I'll lean, require, and use, you.

This really needs explaining for me. Did you mean your husband, your readers, or what? It's like a cliffhanger. You need to write part 2 now... :)

Thank you! I'm happy too!

The final lines are all inclusive: future husband, guy now, mister on the side, readers, everyone. Basically, anyone for now that will further that goal. It is more, "tongue-in-cheek" not really "me," but the speaker of the poem. In the last lines I thought of a gold digger- which i'm not (I'm not that whorish or pretty). But that was the image I was going for.

Well it worked and all came together nicely. Thanks!

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