Pretty Soon They'll Be Calling Me Topless in Mexico City

in poetry •  8 months ago

(like Sleepless in Seattle but less alliteration and more risque)



Make me invisible
so I can walk carelessly
through the world
in whatever I please.

Instagram shadowbanned my account, meaning they put me in the shadows, blocked me from people organically finding me on the platform. They did it because a couple weeks ago, I posted this physiopoem, which violates their butt rules:

sos1 alt2.jpg

So I decided to create a reactionary physiopoem named after their concept, which just so happens to be a gorgeous word somehow. Shadowban. It just sounds so lovely.

It was an interesting episode to make, to go outside in almost nothing (I wore a robe, but I did eventually have to disrobe). I know in places like New York City it is totally legal to be 100% nude in public. I think the stipulation is that you can't be doing anything sexual? I'd have to double check on that, but either way, that's not the point. Even there, where you can technically legally be naked outside, I imagine it is still not comfortable. Here in Mexico City, where it is not legal at all, I was pretty nervous to do it. Less about the legality, more about the fact that I already get stared at just from wearing shorts. My boyfriend is so great and supportive and took the photos for me, and that made me at least feel safe, but comfort wasn't my initial feeling. Not at all. I wish, you know? Anyone out there just say fuck it to society and their mind can relax as they carelessly walk the streets in underwear or nude? Someone should teach a class on that. Public nudity 101.

Then after several photos and some quick social media videos, surprisingly, I did start to feel a sense of relaxation, and also that freedom I often have felt when I go skinny dipping. There's nothing really like being outside without clothes on, or even with less clothes on, feeling the outdoor air, the outdoor vibe on your body like that. I wasn't 100% comfortable, but I was on my way, you know? So the poem I wrote, the feeling in it, how great it would be to be able to do that whenever without worrying about being judged or harassed or assaulted, kind of came true in a few magical moments.

Then I put my robe back on and walked down the block to my building's entrance, and up my stairs, and to my computer to choose and edit the photo. And that was it.

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Wow. I love this. @kenny-crane recommended this post to me, from a discussion of ours about nudity - I just had my first-time skinny dipping and was exhilarated by the experiences.
I applaud your courage. I think I'd have the guts to go naked outside, but that's just it, so far I only think ;)
Good on you ;) I followed your blog, have a feeling I won't be disappointed ;)
And just to be fair, you are topless :P


Hey! Haha, well, it is a bit more difficult than I thought! I kept putting it off until I just had no time left :) Skinny dipping is one thing, but I live in the middle of Mexico City! I do loveeeee skinny dipping though, and just the feeling of being outside with bare skin. Anyway, it's good to see the conversation of nudity alive and well here on Steemit! I've been overloaded with work the past weeks, and it probably won't be over for another couple of weeks, and then I can start spending more time here again. Glad to have connected! Thanks @kenny-crane <3

I'm glad you are here on Steemit where there is no central administration to ban or shadowban your account or content. You're an artistic poet and I've always liked your concept of writing poems on bare skin. I like what you did in this post and I'm glad it all went well.

We were just discussing being outside with no clothes, on another post on Steemit by excellent writer @honeydue, which you may want to check out!
I think you both had similar feelings while doing this, and have similar thoughts on how society makes us feel. Also, you both use the phrase "you know" on occasion, which is pretty cool because it makes the written word seem more conversational. I like that. :)

wow nice body and tattoos