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BLACKOUT POETRY - a form of word art where the poet uses an already established text and creates a new work by blacking out words till a poem is formed. Generally the subject of the original work has no connection to the subject of the poem.

Original Blacked Out Article


Live in the years, wild and rare
truly love the tale of the search.
Relate the hunt with the prey
each competing to reach out
to fight the other back.
The days rough side by side
staying through the always.
Striking and sad the years follow
to die through change.


TIME Special Edition
The Animal Mind - pg. 36



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This is amazing. I'm familiar with this kind of poetry. You did an excellent job.


Thank You for the kind feedback. Always appreciated.

I wasn't familiar with this kind of poetry yet. Seems like a very creative idea... is it something with history or fairly recent?



Enjoy the vote and reward!


I don't know how long it's been a form. I discovered it on Steemit. Thank You for the feedback.

I've never seen this sort of poetry before, and I'm happy to say you've provided a moving introduction to it.


Thank You and I'm happy you enjoyed it.

This is registering very high on my coolness meter!!! I can not wait to play around with this. Perfect project for me as an avid reader (book addict) who is now partially blind so it is hard to read as many books as I used to, but I love the feel of holding/reading books. This will help me with my love of books and poetry. I will be 'reading between the lines' creative and healing!! :)


Thank You! I don't think anybody has ever told me that my work measured on a coolness meter! LOL These are a lot of fun to do and, honestly, once you figure out your first line the rest kind of jumps out at you. Good luck. I look forward to seeing your efforts.

Cool @japhofin8or, nice to know there is something like this. I gonna try posting my poem then come up with another one like this posts. Thanks, now i have something more to do.

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oh MY God , it is amazing post :) THANKS for sharing


Thank You!

This is awesome! How have I never heard of blackout poetry before? I could have a lot of fun with this. Have you thought about holding a contest?


I have actually, but my ode challenge kind of makes me hesitant. I don't think I have enough of a following to make it successful. Thank you for the feedback and vote. Support is always appreciated. :)


I understand. Contests are a tricky game. @carrieallen (my wife) started one yesterday, The Comment challenge. It's blowing up with entries and she's kind of freaking out. Now she's gonna have a bunch of work to do, and also have to pay out way more than she planned.

I had a contest a couple months ago that (prior to payout) saw SBD's rise 600%. You never know with contests. I think they pay off in the long run, even if the rewards are so diverse they're incalculable (followers, comment upvotes, etc.)

I've decided to focus more on my posting and commenting, leaving contest hosting to those with tons of followers.

I love supporting good contests, so if you decide to do anymore you can count me in :)


@chrisroberts I hope that some of the whales will support your wife in her contest. She is inspiring a great deal of curating and connection which is what everyone keeps saying Steemit platform is about. Big thumbs up to her!!!! :)

This type of poetry tells a story of the writer and how they think, how the author twists the passage to a whole new meaning. Inspiring and intriguing

You have inspired me!

This is just amazing...great! Will follow your channel...


Thank You!!