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I think about passing a lot, about passing and death actually. What will happen when we're gone? Our house will stay empty, our grave will became dirty and cracked... unless we do something big, something that will survive more than one lifetime.


That is one way of looking at it, @james.anthony. I personally think a life can be well-lived and still make no great impact on society. I have encountered wonderful people who lived very simple, unexceptional lives, at least in terms of impacting society, but had an impact on me, helped me along the path of life, so to speak, some without even knowing.

Yeah, sure you can be remembered in a "micro scale" I would say. But keep in mind that everything ends with these people death. It's exactly like with your children. You "live" in their hearts and memories only as long as they live. Being remembered through art e.g. poetry or any kind of work is like gaining immortality here on this Earth. Your legacy will be passed through generations. Everything else is eventually at some point just temporary. That's my view at passing and the only way we can somehow actually fight it.

Yes, I understand. I guess I was thinking in the micro scale when I offered my previous reply. Immortality through art would be one way to transcend that limitation...thanks for your thoughtful comments, @james.anthony!

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