Day and Night Wind Blows

in poetry •  7 months ago

Hey there! -the one who whistle at day-
hello there! -the one who whistle at night-
walk around me
or come with the wind If You can fly
oh please, You have to be black only
as other colour alternative to the yellow
because if as black and yellow You pass me by
I will see You like a bee
and that if I can see
that You will stop upon me
because if I can see
I will see that You can't polonize me
and that will change the whistle wind
in a blink of an eye
from hapiness
to sadness

So if You can Fly
Be from all the colors, the one called yellow
and the wind will again whistle and flow
Because everyday without You,
it wont be a nice day -even a day-
Be yellow and make me green, tall, and strong
and You will see that the whistle of the wind
is a happy song

But if You cannot fly
Be from all the colors, the one that is called Black
and all his variants from shades of greys
To the all distant existant from the horizont
to the both roads, the broad and the narrow

Because if You won't be my sun and neither from they
do turn this freedom that seems to me a prison
into an opened cage
hug me one time
who can pick, who have choice
is that You
Me not, I am unamovable here under sky of blue
lend your ear, hear my voice
lend your ear, hear my beats
come close to me, because here I Pray
the long time is short
can You hear the tics?
so come here with me
if You wish be a bee or an sparrow
be one with that ocean up there shining at night
come and stay a while
or stay forever and be my shadow.dn.jpg

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Bello! Me envolvió al intentar descifrar ¿A qué/quién le escribe? Bendiciones, gracias por compartirlo!


es una expresión desglosada del anhelar compañía, saludos, gracias por pasar!