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You’re so 9am perfect, 

With painkiller pride, 

Your pretty pity is possessing, 

Won’t you be my cyanide?    

Who needs prescriptions? 

When love is in the air, 

You’re my Ritalin reality, 

My nicotine nightmare, 


Your veins are full of gold, 

And your liver is simply dying, 

I wanna be the cigarette, 

That you smoke to keep from crying,   

It’s these milligram milestones, 

And this medication magic, 

They make me wanna get addicted, 

I want to make my love life tragic,   

Maybe I was dreaming of you last night, 

Cause I fell out of my bed twice, 

You’re my Adderall obsession, 

No reasonable dosage will suffice,   

It’s too boring just existing, 

I want to live like I’m insane, 

There is no point in being sober, 

Your charm is messing with my brain,   

So why not live in California, 

And wish that we were high, 

I want to live life irresponsibly, 

And hold your hand when I die.                        


I don't usually comment on poetry. Poetry is a personal thing. This one just stood out. I don't know why. I just know I liked it.

Glad my poem could catch your eye.

I'm not a big poetry fan, but this caught my eye and I really liked it. PI guess that's probably because I can understand it and identify with it. Really great poem. It has meaning for me.


It’s too boring just existing,
I want to live like I’m insane,
There is no point in being sober,

It's always great to see my work has meaning to people. Thank you so much!

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very moving.. Nicely complemented by your art which suits the post so well. Fascinated to know how you did the image?

Well I both wrote the article and drew the accompanying image when my 5th period teacher gave us like 15 minutes to do whatever we liked. It was a quick little fun poem and image. I just scanned my drawing and touched it up on Photoshop. Then I posted it all the next morning.

I don't read too much poetry but "9am perfect" caught my eye right away. Upvoted and now following :)

Thank you very much. I like to make my lines as catchy as possible.


Thank you for that.
I liked it, upvoted it and now following you.

That means a lot!