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Seven billion people and increasingly more
With themselves or each other always at war
Seven billion and more mouths to feed
Some die of starvation others from greed
Over seven billion people scattered over the earth
A constant river flow a stream of death and birth
Seven billion or more purposes right or wrong
Each one singing incomplete words to their song
Seven billion people many multiplying into more
Who is it anyway who keeps the damn score?
Zillions of lies upon a few truths
Billions of trees cut off from their roots
Countless breaths each second taken
Only a minority opened minds awaken
Seven billion people and still counting
Totaling separation all of one fountain
Billions of souls crying out ‘love me’
Billions of people shouting ‘set me free’
How many prayers to how many Gods
How many peas and how many pods
Seven billion and more beating hearts
All of which know we cannot be apart
Over seven billion egos saying me, myself and I
All asking the same question ‘why oh why’
Billions of beings joined together as one
Each a golden ray from our divine loving Sun


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