[ORIGINAL POEM] Red Sun Rising

in #poetry3 years ago


The day you disappeared
There was a red sun rising
The morning gave us light again
But inside of me it was still dark night
Because you were gone
Without you by my side it’s all black
You light my fire baby

Now you’re four thousand miles away
In another continent
In another part of the world
Love was hard when we were close
And love is hard now when we’re far away
Messages are so flat and meaningless
When all we want to do is to be close

Words on a screen is nothing
A dream about looking in your eyes one more time
A yearning to hold you tight
But it’s all dream
In real life it doesn’t work
Life goes on without you
Life has to go on without you

I’m holding on to memories
About how we lived in magic and love
About how life was a never ending party
When life was easy and fun
There was a red sun rising this morning
And it whispered about lost love
About pain, dreams and magic


When you do something noble and beautiful and no one notices, do not be sad. Because the sun was beautiful every morning even though most of the audience is still sleeping.
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