Poetry contest Entry. @quillfire's poetry contest and call to arms.

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There is another 20,000 STEEM Delegation on offer from @theycallmedan

As part of the promotion ad man @quillfire of powerhousecreatives is running a contest to raise it's profile.

It's a bit of fun.

Finish his Epic about the mighty Dan and the men fighting the good fight.


Write a final stanza.

We have always enjoyed a light hearted exchange.

So I decided to have a go at finishing his macho warrior epic, bringing back into focus the fact that the commander in chief of the steemitbloggers come powerhousecreatives, is in fact a woman.


Poem by @QuillFire
Member, The Power House Creatives

Here is quills poem.

They Call Him Dan
They call him Dan, who was the Man,
The Man who said, “Enough,”
I’ll not sit by and watch it die,
I’ll call, the Gods, their bluff.

I’ll use my might to flames ignite,
Own profits, sacrifice,
I’ll Delegate to elevate,
Those Men who’ll pay a price.”

And so they did as he had bid,
Some Men, they drew their swords,
For courage is contagious,
As Fate all march towards.


Here is the link to his contest and poll promo.


This is my response poetry.

The idea is to write the last stanza.
I got a little carried away.

Mighty Jaynie

Waving his sword, they all applaud,
The macho men of might,
Those god's and men, clashed to defend,
Meek fishies right to bite.

They battled hard, those men and bard,
Their commander was tough,
This band of man, their strong command,
Was made of mighty stuff.

The tale he told, this bard so bold,
Sold masculine and mean,
The truth is grand, this brawny band,
Rallied behind their queen.

A tougher broad, not chain record,
Until she hit the scene,
She may look cute, but none refute,
Front line her boots did gleam.

So boys stay brave, she's vows to save,
The battle lines are drawn,
Do not be fooled, she won't be cooled,
She'll fight and tweet til dawn.

She draws her sword, along with zord,
Women and men of truth,
Blockchain record, great Dan reward,
Now hit that polling booth.



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Excellent post, I will tweet this beauty out now. 🙏

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Thank you Mr Wop Sir.
Quill knows I am easily baited, I took it hook line and sinker.

Fished In!


Nothing wrong with that, I love fishing.🎣 🤣🤣🤣

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"Front line her boots did gleam."

So much yessss! You knocked it out of the park! Bravo to @quillfire for setting the stage, but you totally stole the show!



There's another ... 5 stanzas to go!!!

I'm stealing back.

... Girls.



Hahaha, I'm sure they'll be some solid other entries, but I'm pretty smitten with this one. ;)

And don't make me call your daughter over here


:-) :-) :-)


And THAT ... is what I saw in you.

That, and the inability (or unwillingness) to follow directions. You were supposed to write ONE stanza.

Anyway, like I said in my article, "... You lot are notorious rabble-rousers and hyenas" and so, I will begin bending the rules from the beginning.

Beautiful job, ... you've got the goods, girl.

@jaynie ... I told you so, didn't I?



inability (or unwillingness) to follow directions.

Reminiscent of your zapp fiction perhaps.


inability (or unwillingness) to follow directions.

@girlbeforemirror: a woman after my own heart. Pleased to meet you. Your tribute to @jaynie is on point. So glad to have another ally who understands that instructions are merely a guide. Only that.

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You're good at poetry

Ah, the original post! Good. Still as fun and as well done as the shared version ;)

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