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Suddenly he died.
His faithful heart has led the protest.
He will get the details from the other side.
But in his dimming eyes I could see white darkness,
the unmistaken skeleton of chronic fear.
Suddenly he died.
If someone has sponsored this bill,
It has not passed third reading.
Or are the law makers of darkness,
not subject to the same laws?
For the auctioneer has not rung,
When his soul was fiercely seized.
Suddenly he died.
With the plans of what to do with his former plans,
yet unfinished.
For when these doctors bring their news,
none demands a referendum to side with Death,
or to secede.
Reality had spoken and he was about to respond,
and suddenly he died.
The doctors called it a name,
but what difference does it make?
we don't usually pray for safe delivery,
when the baby's already in its mother's arms.
We all came here because life had called.
So if death is about to travel for Christmas,
and it needs company.
Can it not at least, allow us say our goobyes?
Instead of stealing what he knows,
he has always owned.


This is sad... writing about death. hope you haven't lost anyone.

Nothing of sort. -- just the way the pen bleeds!!

What? Death? Nice poetry and i hope it is not related to any recent recent life experience of lossing anyone.

Nope -- not at all, Thank you

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lovely poetry, thank you for this heartfelt writing.
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courtesy @klynic

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