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Let your passion be like the lion
strong, naked, roaring, confident
a predator of preconceived presumptions
let your hope be like the dove
soaring, flying high on feathery wings
kissing the very face of God
death to deary deceptions
let your love be like the seas
deep, powerful, forceful, yet magnificient
An ode to opulence
let your dreams be like the sand at the seashore
numerous, yet united
a face of power, a face of beauty
a recollection of resurrected reveries
let your thoughts be fire
hot, illuminated, strength in the face of darkness
like a lone light lighting your way
let your knowledge be like a well
deep but never full
thirsty for thought, bubbling with bulbous breath

let your love be like you
the lion, the dove, the sea and the sun
in glorious unison
a human face is born.


Let your love be like you.
I love this

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the lion, the dove, the sea and the sun
in glorious unison
a human face is born

I just love love love this lines

I really like this

Let your passion be like the lion

We must not only have passion as a lion, we must be as bold as a lion as well.
Thanks for sharing

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