A poem called: 'The Writing's On the Wall'

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The Writings on the Wall.png

A starlit sky filled with wonder,
A corrupt reign of man cast asunder;
They cry, they proclaim, 'peace and safety!'
Is that the signal? some say maybe.

95% dark energy and dark matter,
50 years later, still empty chatter.
Do we know what is it? Do we know how it's made?
'Nope, but we're certain it's not the ancient of days.'

"Aha, aha!" He casts His gaze,
Their foolish hearts darkened, apathetic to His ways.
All things as they were since the first day,
Apathy, indifference, shunning the righteous way.

From the first Adam to the last, mankind shares a single past;
For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes,
Plus His eternal power and divine nature,
All gifts that have made the faithful astute.

The writings on the wall, ask the bigger questions.
Don't be comfortable with man-made transitory inventions.
God is around us, God is alive,
He loves us all dearly his son gave his life.

Atheism, post-modernism, materialism;
Although not yet known, one day it will be shown.
These three isms conjoined to obsoletism.
All is not lost, there is only one King, he has prepared our eternal home.

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