A poem called: 'The Grace of God'

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The Grace of God.png

God is gracious
God is kind
God is always on my mind.

From dusk til dawn
From week to week,
God's mighty power shall save the meek.

Open your heart
Relax your mind,
Clear to His elect
We're in the end times.

Human nature,
Internal traitor,
No one intentionally says,
'I'll treat you like a fleeting vapour.'

No intention,
Yet absent a loving intervention.
Fair to say we're all tired
Of the brainwashed mainstream media convention...

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By Kier Collins (@galacticvagabond)

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God is Gracious and kind always an HE is Good to me. Thank you God

Thanks @galacticvagabond for sharing this.

I agree entirely, thank you for commenting 😊

May you be blessed.

And you too

Nice my brother! I hope you are well! Blessings!

Thanks Bill! I'm all good, hope you're having a blessed day!

We are all well!
God bless you brother!