10 SBD to One Winner!!!!!

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Contest has only 1 winner! Please read Details

This is a contest to see who can add the most followers to Daddy William’s Blog.


I blog about the Bible, helping the poor, farming and homesteading, family, travel and lots of photos. My wife and I are missionaries from the USA and sent to serve the Philippines and Eastern Asia. We have left everything and moved to the Philippines as our home base. If you are not a Christian and even of some other faith, you are welcome here. We can share our common likes and loves instead of arguing what we don’t agree on.

We love people of all ethnicities and from every country. Our goal is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and to ease the suffering of the poor and sick. We also provide bibles for those without any.


See who can bring my blog to 1000 followers.

So whoever can add the most followers to join here this is the winner of 10 SBD!


My preference would be real followers, not just numbers. If you are currently my follower on Steemit, we most likely already share some common interests. Adding people out of your own followers and out of your social groups would be the most desirable. So the idea is to convince people to follow for a reason of shared interests. That is why I listed our interests above.


  1. The winner has to be a follower.
  2. Reblog this post!
  3. You new additions must comment they joined because of you. You can help me by keeping count yourself additional to my count. When they comment they can add our common interest or why they joined.
  4. Have fun!
  5. Contest ends in 7 days or when I reach 1000 followers. If we reach 1000 before 7 days it will continue until the 7 day expiration of the post.
  6. In the event there is a tie in more than two have the same score, the SBD will be split with all who tie. I would prefer to give all to one person. So get out in the lead!
  7. Upvote the post and comment that you joined the contest.

If someone wants to sponsor or add some SBD to the prize, this would be appreciated.

Ready, set, go!

God bless!
Daddy William



[email protected] you sacrificed so much for Gods word, thanks. I want to enter the contest

Followed.. And I was invited by @etemi

I just followed, invited by @etemi😀

Hi @mhm-philippines, @etemi got you a whale follower, so clearly she should win.

That is incredible! @etemi you are incredible! Thank you!

You are welcome sir @mhm-philippines

Thank you! You are too!

I just followed , invited by @etemi. She’s amazing

@mhm-philippines I just followed you, I did it for @etemi... @etemi go win girl

Thank u darling @burlarj and @eunireal1

Hello @mhm-philippines I followed you because my friend @etemi told me a lot about you. I followed you and upvoted this post

Welcome aboard and God bless!

Thank u darling @burlarj and @eunireal1

Here for @etemi

Thank u hun xo xo xo

Followed you too because of @etemi.
Also because I am from the Philippines :)

I just go through your blog @mhm-philippines and I must say it's beautiful. I just followed you, my friend @etemi referred me to you

Thank you for your wonderful comments. I look forward to getting to know you!

Just based on sacrificed. Followed you because my humble friend @etemi followed you

I am glad you joined! God bless and welcome!

I am glad you joined! God bless and welcome!

Hello @mhm-philippines,I am following you because @E.T.E.M.I refferd me...

I am glad you are here. Welcome!

@mhm-philippines, I am also his followers @etemi, and he deserves to win.

I am happy you came and said yes to his invitation. Thank you!

I am happy to join the lord's army through @etemi

I just followed you @mhm-philippines all thanks to @etemi

@etemi You are welcome here and you have surely brought lots of people. Thank you and God bless!

I just followed you because of my friend @etemi

hello @mhm-philippines I followed and Upvoted this postrich because my friend @etemi referred me

Welcome! Thank you for joining!

Hello @mhm-philippines I followed you because my friend @etemi told me great things about you. I followed you and upvoted this post as well. Kudos

Jackson Davies is here thanks to @etemi.

Hi @mhm-philippines, you have a future whale and also a devoted christian following you. So @etemi must win

Referred by etemi!!! The one and only incredible etemi

Nice development mate

This is passion at its peak from my understanding

Missionary work has never been an easy one and I pray that God crowns all your heart desires with success

I am now following you

However, I am doing this for @langford


Great and welcome! All for Jesus!
God bless!

Congratulations @mhm-philippines!

I'm Referred here by @etemi.


I am glad you came aboard!

Hmmm you're doing a great work. I was referred by @etemi.

Great to have you join us here. Welcome!

Hello @mhm-philippines, I just read about you, I was referred by @etemi. God bless your missionary work.

Welcome and God bless you also!

I was referred by @langford

I am happy you joined the family!

✔ Followed quite awhile ago...
✔ upvoted
✔ resteemed
✔ Running a contest to sweeten the pot...

Good luck on your quest for 1000 followers!

Looks like we got you 5 so far...
@sgt-dan, @firstjabi2, @papacrusher, @fleurinna & @vijbzabyss 👍

Thank you brother!

That helps a bunch as I have to count to find the winner. Thank you!

Hi, i followed you and also found some new interest for the Philippines. All thanks to Etemi. well done Etemi

Sounds great! Look forward to getting to know you!

Hi @mhm-Philippines I just followed you because @etemi referred me here and I must commend the good work you are doing in spreading the good news . God help you sir.

Thank you for your comments and thanks for joining.
God bless!

hi daddy william, almost all my steemit friends are following you because they have seen the purity of your heart. I do hope that resteem your post will encourage more steemians to be engaged to your good works and followed you too. Let us continue spreading good acts. God bless you and your family daddy william and Good luck to this contest!!!

I my dear friend, thank you for the visit and your kind words! It is always nice to see you here. God bless!

I was invited by @etemi I read your blog and I can't believe we have Christians like you.I am so happy yeah.

Welcome! I am glad you joined. God bless!

I was referred here by @langford... I didn't hesitate because without micing words.. If theres another word for a benevolent person it should go him..

Great that you could join us!
God bless!

I love this contest daddy Williams @mhm-philippines. Hope you'd be able to get the targeted number of followers.

Thank you! I hope you join in!
God bless!

I appreciate the good work you are doing in the Philippines And your contribution to the Christian community on the blockchain.
@Langford told me about you.

Wow @langford is really doing a great job!
Welcome aboard! God bless!

@langford Thanks for telling me about @mhm-philippines Or as he likes to call you "Daddy william.

I have seen you on the steemchurch community a couple of times, it's great knowing there are still Men like you who are willing to leave everything behind to serve the Lord and those in need.

Very nice comments! Thank you!

I just became active, Thanks for your service to humanity.
The Lord will continue to bless you and the works of your hands.

Thank you @Mhm-philippines, upvoted and resteemed courtesy of @langford.

I am glad you are here! Welcome to the family!
God bless!

I just followed you.
I was referred by @langford

Welcome to the family!

I was asked to follow you by @langford

I am happy you are here!

I just followed you now
I was referred by @langford

I am glad you could join us!
God bless!

I just followed you
@Langford referred me

Welcome and God bless!

I was referred by @langford
God will help you in all your endeavors daddy william

I am glad you are here! Welcome!

I will really appreciate a trip to Philippines when you're bringing in people for evangelism and missionary work

I believe we are here permanently now. 4 year already. We also have a vision to reach Eastern Asia. Glad you are here. Thanks for your comments
God bless!

I was referred here by @langford

Welcome aboard. I am happy you joined!

I was referred here by @Langford. Keep up with your missionary work. Wish you the very best

Praise God! I am happy you have joined us!
God bless!
Daddy William

I was referred here by @langford. God bless your missionary work

Thank you for joining my family here!
God bless!
Daddy William

I was referred here by @ langford.... He told me about your great works and I can see it myself. I will gladly follow your blog. The Lord will strengthen and reward you.

Praise God! I am happy you are here. Thank you for joining and God bless!

Great works, God bless you. Followed you already

I was referred by @langford

Praise God and thank you for joining!
God bless!
Daddy William

Blessings on you and your lovely family, your works shall be crowned with success.

Thanks to @langford for directing me to your blog

Thank you! God bless you and your family and thank you for joining here!
God bless!
Daddy William

God bless you and your wife.

I was referred by @langford

Thank you! God bless you and welcome to the family!

Excelente concurso mi amigo, cuente con mi apoyo, estaré ayudando en lo que pueda para participar, ya que me llama mucho la atención la parte cristiana y mas ponerla en practica, "amar al prójimo como a nosotros mismos" uno de los principios que mas debemos poner en practica.

Amen Amigo! Gracias!

Nice work done @mhm-philippines, we got few persons on the blockchain doing such contest, I'm happy you are one of them . thanks to @langford for referring me here..keep up the good work man @mhm-philippines

Thank you! I am glad you are here!
God bless!
Daddy William

Hi daddy william's as always im your follower.. A man with a big heart... goodluck for this contest and we always support you...
May god bless you always..

Have a blessday

Thank you dear friend! You can still enter the contest.
God bless!
Daddy William

I have started following you. And promoted your post to different places.

Lets see, whats happen!

I am happy you joined. Thank you also for joining my contest and your efforts. I see one already has joined. Thank you!

I have started following you, reffered by @irak

Thanks @sifatsarker vi

Welcome aboard! Glad you are here!

Hello, I have been invited by @amigoponc. We share the nature of helping others.

Welcome aboard! Glad you are here! It is fulfilling to help others. It will be great to get to know you!

Wonderful work. I'll see how I can help. I have been invited by @amigoponc. I'm not very religious, but I'll do my best.

I am happy you are here! I don’t consider myself religious either. I love God and love those He loves. I hope we can find common likes and build a friendship here. Welcome!
The folks here call me Daddy William

I just followed you that was reffered by @sifatsarker

Thank you for joining!

Your welcome sir ... I am glad to be a part ini here.

I just joined in and followed you. @langford referred me. Cheers

Glad you are here! Welcome!

A fellow Veteran, @wizardave sent me your way. Not really here for a contest but to welcome you to the STEEM platform. Like @wizardave I am a Veteran (United States Marine Corps).

I attended a Baptist Seminary after leaving active duty in the Corps. I no longer identify as Christian, but as a Noachide. I do have a great deal of respect for missionaries in any case. It is a great sacrifice and have a number of friends that were called to that vocation.

There are a number of Christian Communities here on STEEM, but I will not list them here as I do not promote groups or initiatives in people's comment sections.

I wish you much fortune in your missionary work as well as your journey here on STEEM! Take care. Blessings and groovy vibes coming your way!

Thank you @sgt-dan! Thank you for your comments and best wishes!

I just followed you as referred by @langford

Great! I am glad you are here! Welcome!
God bless!

Nice one daddy.
I am your die hard follower
You inspire me a lot


Thank you so much my friend!
God bless!

Hi Sir @mhm-phiippines , i am very pleased to follow you. Such a nice and good heart :) God bless

I am glad you are here! Welcome! Perhaps you will join our friendly competition! God bless!
Daddy William

Yes Sir Daddy William , count me in to your contest! Thanks

Thank you and welcome!

Good luck, Daddy William!

Thank you my dear friend!

Great contest my friend! I am reblogging this for more exposure and to support you. I am exempting myself in this contest. Good luck! God bless you and your generosity.

It's hunting time who can I direct this contest to lol!

Calling @yati @kpreddy @roonyi @portugalcoin @delishtreats @naytanpaul @catietan @kristinayu do you want to join?

Thank you brother! I hope you are well!
God bless!

I got to know about your blog from @etemi. And its wonderdul and great that we have the sam e things in common. I post christian topics too.

Great to have you. God bless!

I got to know about your blog from @etemi. And its wonderdul and great that we have the sam e things in common. I post christian topics too.

Praise God! I am glad you joined and look forward to getting to know you!

I was referred here by @etemi... May God bless your calling

Thank you! Welcome aboard and God bless!

It's such a lovely thing you got going here sir.
God will definitely reward you abundantly... I followed you already n was introduced to your blog by @etemi..

Finally sir, there could be some incentives to us who follow you know😊😊😊
God bless you sir!

God bless! Welcome here! One thing my friend, I never self vote. I always vote on good content. People that have been my followers for awhile know I send surprises to the most faithful. Welcome aboard!

I'm grateful in advance sir... Because I'm sure I'll be fortunate soon 😊😊

+u could check out my blog sir, @dominiqueguitars... If u like music, I'm sure u will like what I have there sir.

I love music and I will check out your blog tomorrow. Glad you are here!

That's good to know!
Thanks much Daddy Will!

You are welcome!

I was directed here through @langford. Nice following you.. and your blogs are interesting I must say.

Thank you and welcome! I hope to get to know you!

I have been waiting for your second contest Daddy William :)
Thank you for choosing me as your winner last time. It really helps me a lot as I am in need of money that time :) I owe you big time Daddy William :)

So for your second contest of course I will join :)

But before I summoned my friends over this post of yours, let me tell them why they need to follow you :)

1st: @mhm-philippines aka Daddy William shares his blessing in this platform.

2nd: If you need spiritual advices, Daddy William can help you as he is a missionary based here in Philippines who spreads the word of God.

3rd: Daddy is very fond into nature so he shares his nature photography in this platform. You might have common interest in capturing nature or the likes.

4th: He's worth to follow :)

I don't want to push you to follow him if it is not your will, but I wanted to share and to suggest you the reasons why I am his follower. And once you get to know him, you'll see and discover for yourself how awesome this guy is :)

@ejeeywander, @joyahlakwatsera, @mabethcruz, @sen.art, @jzonetravel, @bowiemagbag, @yanning, @cayeee08, @mariayves0912, @tiffanyanne, @idamagbag, @bravekid (my son), @mariajunia.

♥ Feel free to visit Daddy William's account ♥

I followed him already! Since it's you whom suggesting that we should follow him then I don't have any question about it. I know that if it comes from you, there's no doubt that what you are suggesting and telling is true.

Apologies Sir @mhm-philippines, I am not that active in steemit that much but let me follow you and catch up with your updates every time I visit this platform! Congratulations! May you get what your goal is!

Thank you for following! I hope to see you around! God bless!

Thank You for believing in me and also to Daddy William!
See you on Sunday! ♥

Thank you @annazsarinacruz for introducing steemit to me.Now I am able to share most of my artworks here. I just followed you @mhm-philippines and looking forward to your 1000 followers! This kind of contest is new to me. Hope you win Anna!

Thank you @sen.art :) I miss your artwork! Can't wait to see another one again soon :)
Hope you and Daddy William @mhm-philippines will get to know each other well :)

I also want to thank @annazsarinacruz for encouraging me to join steemit. I also followed you @mhm-philippines, I really want to read more of your inspirational blogs in the future and hopefully meet you in person.. Please continue to spread love and kindness and inspiration to us..

Thank you very much @jzonetravel :)
I know you'll see more of @mhm-philippines "Daddy William's" post as he is so active in Steemit, sharing his passion!

I just followed @bravekid! Thank you for your kind words. I love the people of the Philippines!

I can see how you love Philippines :)
Your blogs are the proofs :)
Congrats Daddy for another contest you are initiating :)

Looks like 1 already for you @annazsarinacruz.

Will my Son will be counted too? :)
I am the pilot of his account since he is only 5 yearsold.
But rest assured Daddy William that when he grow up, he will see this :)
And hopefully you two can interact directly with each other without me speaking for him. His own thoughts and his own words :)

@bowiemagbag is my partner daddy Wil :)
Even though he is, I explained him why I am following you, as written above my comment :) I know he'll understand and I am right :)
He did followed you because he believes in me. Believing me means he does believe in you too :) Cause I believe in you also!!!

3 for you my friend!

Yey! Thank you Daddy William :)

Hello @mhm-philipines, i followed you cus my friend @etemi invited me.

I am so glad you came! Welcome!

Sent by @WizarDave to help with thoughts and Prayers, Unlike the MSM here in states I still stand on the promise in my Bible that this has great power

Thank you my friend!

Just went through this courtesy of @etemi who referred me

I am glad you are here. I hope we get to know one another!

I am too. And i hope we do, very sure it would be a smooth ride

Éxito en todo lo que emprendan, @mhm-philippines, todo lo que se hace para Dios trae consigo cosas muy buenas, gracias por compartir.

Amen! Que Dios te bendiga!

@mhm-philippines am impressed by your your work, efforts and time you've given. May God bless you abundantly.
I followed you because my dear friend @etemi referred me to you.

Thank you for joining! Welcome and God bless!

Amen sir..

@langford ask me to follow

@etemi should clearly win this

@etemi has gathered a large number of people. People that know me, know I will take care of the faithful! The contest parameters are set. Watch and see how this pans out.

Great job you are doing here sir Daddy Willian... I just followed and hopefully I'll bring lots of people to follow to. Keep up the good work sir and God bless you

Thank you my friend! I see one just joined because of you!
God bless!

Just followed you. Was brought by @langford.

Glad you joined! @langford is doing a great job!

Glad you joined! @langford is doing a great job!

Hello @mhm-philippines I followed you because my friend @etemi told me a lot about you. I upvoted this post

@etemi is being many great people my way. Thanks for joining!

Hello sir @mhm-philippines, I just read about you, I was referred by @etemi. I upvote and resteem your post, healthy always for you😉

I am glad you are here! Welcome!

Hello Daddy William
@Langford referred me to follow