A poem called: 'The Bridegroom is Delaying'

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My God
My love
The highest king above;
Loftier than the highest tower
I pray I may escape that final hour.

The radiance of your face,
Surpasses the beauty of even the choicest flower.
Dates come and dates go,
Man's transitory nature,
A yearning to know that which is reserved for our creator.

A moments hesitation
The bridegroom is delaying,
Some's faith is wavering.
Not me oh Lord,
May it never be.
Your promise and your gift still stand
That is my destiny.
I hope that those meek of heart
Shall forever also be free.

The confines of this mortal life;
70, 80 years, no doubt filled with strife.
No one better, no ones worse,
We all live in this wondrous universe -
Don't fixate on the material purse.
Come to understand your souls worth!

An eternal gift to traverse heaven's skies,
From He that said,
'The fire is never quenched and the worm never dies.'

By Kier Collins (@galacticvagabond)

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