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in poetry •  8 months ago

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What is Perfection?
Merely a term for the vainglorious
For even the prettiest rose has its thorn
The best kept garden its weeds

Why then do you strive for the abstract?
The crooked grin is more sincere
Than your razor straight smile
Look around you and take a cue from Nature

The most beautiful river does not run a straight course
Rather it ripples
The lushest foliage has its wilt

The beautiful Summer
Gives way to Autumn
The most sought after lass
Has a blemish on her skin

Why then do you race against yourself?
For the race of Perfection
Is a race against yourself

Perfection does not exist
It is a vague abstraction
Imperfection is everywhere
And that is where beauty lies

For beauty is truth
Perfection is a lie
Perfection lies in imperfection

Being comfortable, beautiful, grateful and glorious in your imperfection,
That is Perfection.

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