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China’s spacecraft has landed this morning, on the “dark side of the moon.”
The Communist country’s state-run media, broadcast the news at noon.
They show a photo of a “small crater,” that’s lit up by China’s probe
Making its landing there near the crater, that’s pretty far away from our globe.
They say the dark side is quiet because earth’s radio waves don’t interfere.
They say that it’s good for “studying” stars, but we doubt they’re being sincere.

In 2014 America was warned, about an exploit with Google’s Chromecast,
On how the device wasn’t secure, if router settings weren’t surpassed,
Meaning one would have to disable, router settings to protect Google’s device,
That Google itself had made insecure, leaving hackers to show they’re not nice.
It’s happened now, the Chromecasts are hacked, but who does Google blame?
Hackers of course, not themselves, and that shows they’re pretty damned lame.

If you use Android phone apps, but aren’t a registered Facebook user,
Facebook will still get info on you, because Android apps play abuser.
Yes, two of the three stooges of tech, apparently have an awfully bad deal
That’s bad for users, but good for them, to help bring that greediness feel.
61 percent of all Android apps, send “incredibly detailed” info to Zuck.
It should make you mad if you’re not a user; if it don’t, you’re dumb as F—k.

The Oscars still don’t have a host, for this year’s “Academy Awards.”
This article goes into great detail, that there are struggles, by all accords.
Social media has eliminated, practically any star host they could choose,
As practically all of the stars today, have said or did something Twitter’d use
To knock them out of contention, with views that are completely imbecilic.
Sanctimonious liars who’ve never done wrong - the cult of the loser idyllic.

Scientists have found we’ve 25 years left, ‘til we’re done for, headlines blare.
We wondered if the article mentioned, that CO2 can be sucked from the air.
Or that Magnesite now is swiftly produced, drawing CO2 from air surrounding.
So we read it and found that it didn’t, which says a lot about views they’re expounding.

The Cost Is Low To Remove Excess Co2 – Why Aren’t They?

CNN International’s Journalist of the Year, was just discovered today
Fabricating “more than a dozen” news “stories,” and must've thought he’d get away
With it, but he’s been found out - though he’s won several CNN awards
He’s done it for “several years” and now, will he get a seat on one of their boards?

The news, the news, there's so much in the news
The daily fabrications are so grand.
You likely won't be seeing much differing of views
Because they're all in lock step, understand?

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