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in poetry •  6 months ago

Welcome to my blog! Today, I am not posting my work but the work of my little one Excel (Aged 7), I hope you all find it as inspiring as I did and you all show her some love, please.


A day to live with your parents
And a day to leave them
When everyone is happy
Seeing their angel getting married
Joyful tears majestically working down her cheeks
When she work down the aisle

But it has been turned around
By prominent people
In marrying outcast
Which is an unforgiving embarrassment
Oh, what archaic and stupid mindset
Against the people
Making bride cry
This is a tears that pain so much

Let live in peace
And demolish generic problem
Let cooperate
And let bride choose their choice
Peace and progress
Unity and strength

Thank you for reading.

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Hi @floxycool :) What a great poem; the message is one that needs to be heard! What a different world this would be if there was no such thing as a caste system anywhere.

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Thank you, @lynncoyle1. I am already a member of @newbieresteemday and thanks for curating this work.


Oh good, and you are most welcome :)

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Thank you for this poem and its' messagae @floxycool :)

Nice poem👍👍