Wander Lost (An Original Poem)

in poetry •  last month  (edited)

the routines
of life
shroud my peace
cause me
to wander lost…

I long to be
a small fish
in a big pond,

to lose myself
in the
bright spot
of the next road’s
to be born again
in foreign eyes

only then
do I awaken
in remembrance
that happiness
isn’t meant
to be rationed
out like thin,
grey gruel

each day's dawn
is a sweet symphony
and as long
as I hear the music
my dreams
will have to die
another day.

~ Eric Vance Walton ~

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Beautiful poem my friend!
I especially love your closing stanza:

each day's dawn
is a sweet symphony
and as long
as I hear the music
my dreams
will have to die
another day.

My sentiments exactly!

Thank you for making the world such a beautiful place!

Thank you @lizelle! I hope you're having a good week.

@ericvancewalton, Sometimes day in and day out people work for their dreams and hope that today or tomorrow they will going to achieve, but the process of life is not that easy and sometimes our dreams stretch us so much.

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Very beautifully written. A little sad but beautiful.

Thank you @magnata!

Very good poetry. Life is like a spinning wheel. Sometimes the above sometimes below. Happiness can only be obtained if we respect ourselves.

Thanks! Your words are so true!

Beautiful poem, @ericvancewalton. The images are very beautiful and loaded with feelings and emotions. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks!

Nice to read your poem after many days .


Superb and impressive yet again another masterpiece :)

Thank you much, @blazing!