Seeds Planted

in poetry •  4 months ago


Toiling all is long
Is this planters song
All for the hype
Of when harvest is ripe

It hurts to get up to the field
Staying till the soil is tilled
Working my socks off
Everyday I get increasingly tough

Of times and seasons
And to everything a reason
I sow now to harvest later
Avoiding unexpected needs to cater

Do not be distracted by the noise
Silently build with precision and poise
Because what we sow we must reap
So keep up the toil as part of the trip

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I am all too easily distracted...

Keep on sowing, Empress...




Thanks a lot dear @creatr

Great poetry bro! 🙃


Thanks girl smiles

Wow, i am really stunned. Dude, amazing poem:D Thank you for sharing:D


Why does everyone keep calling me dude?


Dude, get over yourself!

(Just kidding, my dear...)
P.S. They are most likely just spam bots...