The chant of forever change

in poetry •  4 months ago

They may try to break my spirit
But my will forever has its decision
I might be on the losing end of the stick
But no matter what I do, let it stick.

I don't have to conform to what the world wants from me.
I am me, proud and free.
I want to be rhe change that the world does not know it needs.
I am the true embodiment of freedom, proud and loud.

My journey of one day will arrive one day.
I am not sorry for pushing for greatness.
The drums of celebration will sound for Africa.
I shall be among those who made the drums beat ever so loudly.

I am never a failure, I have evolved past that.
I am a man who shows the world the light it needs.
I do not need to conform to what is evil to be accepted as good.
The world needs change and I can be that change.

Who am I to my neighbor and fellow man?
Am I just a passerby like the rest or I am the epitome of change?
Can I make this change happen or will I be changed?
Tick tock is rhe forever sound which decides that fate.

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You are an epitome of change are doing an incredible job! We are cheering for you.


Thanks a lot