Winning Desire

in poetry •  5 months ago
  • We open ourselves in the field of truth and honour, heroic glory seeks new challenges with the minds of genius. We take orders from milk with child's manners, we expect new victories on the top of the world. We are locked in the illusion of materialism, think of the second level of consciousness as you wake up.

  • We create conditions for joy and smile, love has shown a new rainbow with a beautiful horizon of emotional reality. We break the chains on the mountains of freedom, we fly like eagles above poetry and fairy tales. Your hands are gentle and tender, I feel your love in places of passion.

  • Leave the message of the future in the memories of paradise, our dreams become our reality. The guarantee of profit gets a new value in gambling manners, we make money from digital codes while the time of incredible spirituality passes.

  • Everything has become a truth and a lie, you have touched a sincere fire in the chest of the universe. Freedom and happiness become a protective brand of passionate love, you remain the future of my heart and deepest desires.

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I like the line: Leave the message of the future in the memories of paradise, our dreams become our reality. I do believe in that!20180604_110711.gif


See you on the top

It is a very beautiful poetry . It is true that we all do whole life and later also know that death after life is also possible.

and whenever you decide to pursue everything your heart desires, you are winning​.


We win together

Very beatiful pictures and images you show here, congratulations @dobartim


@dobartim as great as usual, but today the picture you attached speaks more than the words.
It is a total reflection of image which comes in one's mind after reading your words....
Great post, keep it up


See you in Steem Schools

@dobartim, it's very true that our dreams become our reality. However, the dreams we have will not become reality until we do something. That's why we need to take action to achieve our dreams.

Thank you sir for the inspiration.