No Excuses

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Life is a game of balance between fire and water, the ability to move forward gives us the direction of moving toward personal improvement. Energy circulates in the hidden places of truth, the lie becomes an illusion in the sincere intentions of wrong thoughts that become difficult for us in the days of happiness.

Show your weaknesses on the altar of talent and focus, open your heart to the emotions of love and conquer the world with positive vibes. We make bridges and dams in places of emotional strife, dreaming of great successes that lead us to freedom of thought and emotion.

Show true strength and power with good works that reveal the ideal virtues of moral laws, open new paths of happiness and joy through feelings and an excellent personality pedigree. We are dedicated to the ultimate goal that grows in the tree of knowledge, wake up.

There is no quarrel that cannot be overcome, there are excuses that give us character weakness to give up on a life mission. We have discovered new worlds and opportunities that inspire us to make a great victory, this is a dream we live without an excuse.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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Straight is the better road

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Yeah, I Am Agree With You! Our life is a game! We need to balance There is a lot we need to do to balance life. Keeping the balance in life requires a lot of effort. In your poem, the paradigmatic aspect of the present society has emerged.

Nice poem! Wel done brother. Keep it up. Have anice day.

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Have a nice day

@dobartim try to avoid this type of war. they won,t listen to you and you can,t do something so just try to stop this war happening. This is not good for this community I know you are doing your best to help this community but they have their own reasons. I read mostly all the comment in you previous post why are you and your family getting downvotes. I will only say that just try to avoid some self upvote and don,t vote to the people you constantly upvotes. this is the only way to avoid this war. and try to upvote other people as you usually do, and I know you don,t lose your hope and leave this platform because you believe in yourself.
wish you a best and happy life.

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