Believe In Love

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  • I am awake at the hands of success, morning is waiting for new moments of the law of gravity. I believe in the freedom of the spirit and the strong work on the goals, beautiful eyes motivate my emotions to drink a new glass of happiness and your love.

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  • Storm finds new ways to clear up outstanding debts, I see beautiful butterflies playing on the other side of the sun. Our message remains behind the hidden doors of the new history, you are the princess of my deepest fairy tales, together we conquer the world.

  • Show me the vision of passion, decision and pure love, I enjoy your angelic beauty and gentle words. Your lips kiss me with the truth as my passion flying in silky imagination. Every day is more beautiful than the previous one, you are a sign of my success.

  • Be here next to me, feel my passion in the love magic. Tigar walked along the coast in trance birds singing our ballad, you are the most beautiful event of my life, and that's why I put you in the place of the queen. Believe in yourself and true love, love is the main source of life.

Original poetry written by @dobartim
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I love it :)

Thank you very much

Really beautiful and eyes catching

I just wanna this that I love you from my heart
Deep inside my heart is where you dwell
In the agony of my soul, your love is soothing

Just like the rain
You’re my sugar rush
You’re the bone of my bones

You’re my ocean of passion
You’re my dream come true
Only you makes my heart go faster and slower at the same time

You’re a great poet @dobartim

See you on the top of our Success

See you at the top my friend

Thank you very much

Looking out through the windows, your amazing image i behold
It was a blessed morning, for your beauty i truly desire to hold
As my mind fixed on admiration, my flexibility you took away
As you walk down the street, my eyes cannot but quizzically look your way.

I ponder on the joy the sight of you fills to my heart, and i smile
A smile that is worth the price of diamond, i can't myself deny
Right there i understood the language my heart speaks
To love and cherish you, never to let you quit.

My little contribution. Nice poem @dobartim. Thanks for inspiring me to write this piece

See you on Steemit School

I will definitely be there. Thanks for the invitation. See you there soon!

Thank you very much

Wonderful imagery dobartim. I like the way you combine different scenarios

I see you on the class, keep going and make better comment.

Learning everyday. One step at a time. I tagged you in something I wanted you to see. Would be honored if you check it out.

Ok, when I have a time

Okay. Don't forget!

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Thank you for your good moment ....

translator in spanish and sounds brilliand

Wow dis is geat

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This is breath taking and loving. You are very original and genuine in your admiration.

Thank you very much, see you on the top

Very nice post.
Heart touching.

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Thank you very much

Very good one. Liked it very much

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I just did. Thanks

You are welcome

Love is great and powerful, it motivate even the broken heart, it rejuvenate the dying spirit of success, it fasten the strength of progress, it drives the emotion of high ambitions, it collaborate to the effectual progression of goals, it brightened the face of a hopeless fellow. Love is all, love is powerful.

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I appreciate you, you look very creative look;)

This is poetry, make better comment and learn in our School


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Bagus banget, saya sangat suka postingan anda


You are welcome😊

This is very inspiring and passionate,
I love poetry
thanks for sharing

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poetry is very interesting to read and lived its contents, very good content

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Nice post

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i like your post sir

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where u get that inspiration bro?
nice Poetry :)

Soul and heart, Welcome to Steemit

Such an inspiring post. Love it.
It's true that, true love help to increase the spirit of a man for every work and i believe it.

Welcome to Steemit.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Incridible Pictures @dobartim. I like your words in this post. So inspiring, like your words to me before "be your self". Vote and Thanks you much.

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Hey dobartim! I enjoyed reading your poetry. I like to dabble in poetry, as well. Can I ask whether you have a muse that you know well, when writing these things, or is it someone you miss?

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I would be in your poetry class on discord channel; however, I am very new to this platform, and I am afraid I do not understand how to do that yet. I will continue to work at this platform until I am capable of figuring out what the even means, letting my branches grow.

its an awesome poetry looking to reading more of your posts
be blessed

Thank you very much

Amazing poetry dear and your Photo are perfect set on Your words . Great work .
Thanks for sharing .


Thank you, Namaste

Wow......nice words combination @dobartim, really looking forward to yet another poem. Thanks for the motivation

See you on the top


Love is so sweet

Love is everything

great post

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The metaphor used to describe how the author feels about this queen is the true depiction, not exaggeration of the feeling inside. I don't just love the piece because it's a great piece, I do because of the mastery it commands...from conception to actualization. I love these lines...

Be here next to me, feel my passion in the love magic. Tigar walked along the coast in trance birds singing our ballad, you are the most beautiful event of my life, and that's why I put you in the place of the queen. Believe in yourself and true love, love is the main source of life.

Great work Sir.

Welcome to Steemit School

I love this, you rock, keep the good words flowing..

Muy buenos días.
Gracias por las letras plasmadas y que tocan la fibra.




Such an amazing words. So romantic. My heart was just palpitating when reading it. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you, see you on the top - keep going

Thanks for your encouragement

Believe in yourself

Yeah I do believe in myself.

Morning is waiting for new moments of the law of gravity. I believe in the freedom of the spirit and the strong work on the goals

  • I also believe in the strong work of goals because it is a great start to succes and achievements

Every day is more beautiful than the previous one

  • Yes with every new day comes a new chance to make it better and more beautiful than the previous

Believe in yourself and true love, love is the main source of life.

  • I also believe that love is the main source of life,because love brings togetherness,happiness and everyone should love their neighbour as they do themselves

Awesome and inspiring poetry as usual,great words as well

The freedom is something us humans desire at the bottom of our heart. Sometimes we don't think about it as much, but our heart craves for it, our hands want to grasp its wonderful being and we want to set ourself free from our chains...

The dream of our greater success is near, it's behind the gloomy clouds of hard work and dedication. Together, with a limitless support to the people, we can clear our clouds and see a lovely blue sky, full of chirps of birds and colors of the butterflies.

Love is always there at the grasp of our hand, sitting patiently like an old sailor waits for a fish. Once, we engage into Love we open ourselves to new possibilities to see far more deeply and feel far more strongly.

Only through Love, we can win together! And We Will Win Together!


Lovely poem

What a great poem. I love it

incredible postings you


Lovely poetry. The images work well too. Normally I'm not a huge fan of gifs but that lady with wings is gentle and captivating.

I just want to keep reading your words. It's soulful, authentic and genuine.

I feel like I should scream at the top of my voice
But my noise still won't be heard
I want to sing out my heart
But my melody still won't be danced
I could only write off my words
Maybe you'd understand how I feel

I love poetry ❤️
Your poems lift up my soul and dead spirit

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