Be The Light In My Soul's Palm

in poetry •  9 months ago
  • I feel the fiery emotions that circle in the thoughts of my space, you are a choice from the past life that lives in my emotions. Happiness is bought with the true knowledge of your love, give me a hand to feel the warmth of your leadership, be mine.

  • We go ahead through the experiences of our future, we bear the great responsibility of your beauty. I have to study music of cosmic silence, inspiration raises moral habits to a higher level of inspiration. We are launching the stars of our passion, leading us through our hearts.

  • Love is expensive for anyone who is outside the material mirror, we get parts of the cosmos through the game and your entertainment. You are my choice of enthusiasm that carries me in the waves of the cloud, the beautiful beach shows new moments of enjoyment through our friendship.

  • We have the need to show the magnitude of our limited possibilities, raise our morale to a higher level of conscious habits. Give me some smiles to start the day with success, give me the energy of love to raise the power of my soul - You are my ideal.

Original poetry written by @dobartim
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Though the speech seems so hard
But through poetry all unreal comes real
Though our hands can type limitedly
But if our imaginations are wide then we can see it
In the poetry of mind one can even write on the heart
For what the heart hold,the fingers write

A piece i just wrote inspired by your heart felt poetry....awesome poetry,keep it up.


Thank you our queen


You're welcome
See you at the top
We win together

Very nice Poem, love to read it again and again.


Thank you, see you on the top

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Wow. Its a great poem @dobartim


Thank you very much

Beautiful poetry but also deep having flood of emotions..
Love is expensive for any one who is outside the material mirror.. What is its meaning?
Not understanding


Soul poetry, reflexion and paradox...


I think i got it..
Mean love is precious for anyone who is not materialistic..? Is it?


Love is everything

beautiful and a heart touching poetry sir.


Make one poetry


should i.

Uhmmmm, this one is deep


Welcome to Steemit

i wonder how you manage your time to write this beautiful poetry in this busy routine


Discipline, focus and work


yes discipline works

your post is perfect🌹🌹🙏🙏
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I am smiling now because you gave some smiles in that stanza.