Above The Law of Love

in poetry •  5 months ago
  • Above the law of love, you are only with a beautiful appearance, your words sow the diamonds in the fields of pure souls. Wait a moment in the wind of silence, give me a magic drink that raises me above the passion of passion. The light has overcome the dark side of humanity, we have become little gods of truth.

  • The new door and new challenges reveal the virtues of honour in free thought, I feel your warmth with the fiery words of prophecy. Balancing energy through universal chakras of karmic relationships, yoga has become the path of great happiness.

  • I love you with knowledge, mind and sincere intentions, my character has the flame of wisdom that grows up to the star. We create memories through lust and interest, true love has no price in the world of dinosaurs. Sunshine days show a new morning on your beautiful face, feel our views in the natural virtue.

  • Above the borders there are new challenges and open questions of mystical wisdom, you opened Pandora's box that has no end. Our love is boundless in the waves of synergy, we surf on the enthusiasm of new passions in pure and incredible joy.

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Always Awesome. I comment with this

with shade of love then we can compete hand in hand
penetrating the darkness of night in the wilderness of freedom
do not let go of your hug because I know you're going to take me in the right direction
do not you let go of the bond of your heart with the breath of truth that is in your soul
so that I always get true enlightenment

when microcosmos and macrocosmos meet in ourselves together
everything wants to be lost and will only work according to the laws of nature
find yourself in a state of rebirth
clean white sheets ready to be filled with gold ink of wisdom

warm regard from Indonesia


Awesome comment

very nice dear...


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Thank you very much

I like your post because you doing everytime something diffrent
I am visit your all post and i waiting for your next post


Thank you

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Lines has very much depth..i can not feel meaning of all lines but those i feel,shivers me..I think about those poets who writes such golden lines,how they think like this nature we can not? Some one told me that poetry comes from insight thats true and today after reading those lines i again realize that...


Welcome to Steemit


Thank you sir..

@dobartim one more soulful poetry from you. explanation about love different then other author, deep words to enough for shivering the body and your words is do that. thanks for being a loveliest person.


I am glad you like it


your words insist me to comment, some person's words influence on others deeply. Your words are one of them..